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Huazhisheng New Materials is a leading provider of environmentally friendly adhesive products and technical solutions, focusing on modified silica gel, epoxy glue, thermal conductivity materials, adhesive glue, potting glue, UV glue in the electronics industry, household appliances, LED lighting, Applications in the automotive industry, consumer electronics, rail transit, aerospace, electrical and power industries. 

Huazhisheng New Materials regards "enterprising, innovative, professional and honest" as the company's sustainable development strategy, and the concept of "quality, efficiency, environmental protection and reliability" throughout the entire product life cycle. Our products have passed SGS, UL, FDA, DIN, non-toxic certification, and a number of global patents at the same time, is currently one of the main suppliers of adhesives and new materials in China's new energy, electronics, automotive, industrial, packaging, environmental protection, construction, high-speed rail and other industries. A pioneering and innovative vision enables us to provide tailor-made solutions, continue to develop leading technologies, and provide comprehensive support for customers in different industrial fields. Working wholeheartedly with customers and working together to realize industrial transformation and upgrading, Huazhisheng New Materials will ensure your continued leading advantage. Based on the development of a variety of polymer chemical materials, Huazhisheng New Materials has established a leading position in the four fields of coating, bonding, sealing, and heat conduction. Our efficient and environmentally friendly adhesive products and technical solutions can help industrial enterprises improve production efficiency and benefits, protect your electronic products from external chemical agents and special use environments, and maximize their service life to ensure product sustainability and stability run. 

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We’ve come a long way since 2010 when Huazhisheng New Materials started with 3 employees

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You'll find us across the globe in North America, Europe, and Asia



We are proud to be a family run business through one generations

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