Our Company

Mission,Vision & Values

Huazhisheng New Material is a leading provider of environmentally friendly adhesive products and technical solutions,focusing on modified silica gel,epoxy glue,thermal conductivity materials,adhesive glue,potting glue,UV glue in the electronics industry,household appliances,LED lighting,Applications in the automotive industry,consumer electronics,rail transit,aerospace,electrical and power industries.

Our Mission

We make customers more capable and efficient.
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Our Values

Our Five Focused Roles shape our culture,brand,and business strategies. They guide our behaviors every day.

Customer Advocate

We strive to deliver unsurpassed innovation,technical expertise,and service to customers across the globe. 


Discover new ideas,challenge current assumptions,and conceive pathways to make those ideas become a reality.

Quality Champion

Act conscientiously and responsibly,remaining committed to achieving high work standards. 

Results Driver

Achieve operational and financial excellence,as well as taking responsibility for outcomes.

Team Collaborator

Foster excellent working relationships and trust,regardless of department,function,or region.

Our Vision

Be the leading global supplier of integrated rapid cure chemical and equipment solutions to a global base of manufactures.
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