Working with Huazhisheng

Working with Huazhisheng

By cooperating with Huazhisheng New Materials, you will be able to obtain an exclusive competitive advantage. Other companies only provide products, while Huazhisheng New Materials is committed to developing a sincere partnership. We understand the uniqueness and complexity of your process. To this end, we will provide you with our expertise throughout the whole process, cooperate with you from start to finish and provide technical or application support. We are proud of our solutions and will work hard to help you improve process efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Global market leaders trust Huazhisheng New Materials to securely bond or protect their most critical components. These are just a few of our many customers: 

•   Foxconn
•   BYD
•   Handley 
•   Eliante
•   Cemedine
•   ShinEtsu
•   Dowsil
•   Araldite


Just a few reasons why partnering with Dymax makes all the difference

Unique and Complete Solutions

At Huazhisheng New Materials, we don't just provide a product, we provide a one-of-a-kind complete solution that can be tailored for your application. We're here to support you through the life of your application. ...

In House Application Engineering Lab

Our dedicated Application Engineering team can perform comprehensive bonding studies for manufacturers who are contemplating assembly with light-curable adhesives using our in-house lab. ...

Green Solutions

Reduced environmental impact and energy conservation are core pillars of the Huazhisheng New Materials mission. Our solvent-free materials result in lower product costs, life-cycle costs, and ecological impact. ...

Culture of Respect

We foster a culture of respect, empowerment, communication and continuous improvement. You can expect our team to uphold these values with each interaction you have with us. Our word is our bond. ...

Problem Solvers

We embrace challenges. At Huazhisheng New Materials, we listen to your needs and understand your business, allowing us to provide solutions that will positively impact your bottom line. Whether it be to reduce costs, st...


We are true innovators at our core. Our goal is to create new technologies in the light-cure industry that help solve customers' business problems so you can produce the best possible product. ...

Case Studies

See how Dymax brings unmatched technical expertise in light-cure technology to specific application challenges. We provide full system solutions where chemistry, material, and equipment work seamlessly together to create maximum efficiency.
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